LeBron James NBA free agency and trade rumors


For the third time in his 15-year NBA career, the offseason revolves around LeBron James. Here’s everything you need to know about The Decision 3.0.

LeBron James is set to be a free agent, and his decision where to play next season could shake up the NBA once again. So where will the King find his throne? We look at the most likely options.

What would have to happen for LeBron to join James Harden and Chris Paul? Kevin Pelton looks how Houston might build the league’s next West juggernaut.

Dramatic moves brought Cleveland a championship in 2016. Now they might bring on the pain. Zach Lowe envisions what The Land would become without its king.

Stay with the Cavs, force a trade, team up with other stars: LeBron has lots of options this summer. Brian Windhorst puts them all on the table.

News and video: Summer of LeBron



Speculation swirls that LeBron James could end up with either Los Angeles team this summer in a decision that might be equal parts basketball and branding.



Philly potentially pairing the Fresh Prince with The King this offseason remains a hot topic, thanks to a season’s worth of shared admiration.



With LeBron James heading into free agency again, Scoop Jackson takes to the streets of Cleveland to see how the city feels about it.



Jalen Rose breaks down how the Cavaliers could position themselves to win LeBron James’ favor in free agency this summer.



Stephen A. Smith breaks down why LeBron James should join forces with the young Lakers squad instead of staying in the East.

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