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(Face off) Elite1 MMA: “Decade of Destruction” Wallace vs. Logue

(Official Weigh-ins) Elite1 MMA “Decade of Destruction)

Posted by Sports Combat News on Friday, April 26, 2019

Main event:
Dee Logue (3-0-0) vs. Shawn Wallace (7-2-0) at 155 Lbs. (L-W Title)

(154.6)Lbs.                         (156.2*)Lbs.

Co-Main event:
Pat Carroll (3-1-0) vs. Alderic Keith (9-5-0) at 170 Lbs.

(169.3)Lbs.                      (170.3)Lbs.

Tyler Wilson (5-2-0) vs. Morgan Rhynes (4-3-0) at 135 Lbs.

(136)Lbs.                           (135.3)Lbs.

Nick Coombes (3-1-0) vs. Joe Pilmer (1-1-0) at 265 Lbs. (Amateur Heavyweight Title)

(262.6)Lbs.                 (249.2)Lbs.

Scott Mackinnon (2-0-0) vs. Nathan Burke (1-1-0) at 170 Lbs. (Amateur Welterweight Title)

(168.3)Lbs.                            (168.6)Lbs.

Robbie Inness (3-2-0) vs. Corey Forsythe (4-0-0) at 135 Lbs. (Amateur Bantamweight Title)

(133.7)Lbs.                             (133.4)Lbs.

Drake Farrell (0-0-0) vs. Shawn Martin (0-0-0) at 170 Lbs.

(168)Lbs.                         (168.1)Lbs.

Hank Anderson (2-1-0) vs. Chris Fowler (2-0-0) at 265 Lbs.

(229.3)Lbs.                     (260.6)Lbs.

Tyler Gilker (0-0-0) vs. James BayBoy Doucette (0-1-0) 205 Lbs.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

(199.7)Lbs.                     (203.3)Lbs.

Zach Garcia (0-0-0) vs. Aitkens Christopher Ryan (2-1-0) at 265 Lbs.

(232.8)Lbs.                                           (225.8)Lbs.

Jake Kelly (2-1-0) vs. Cory Vern (2-2-0) at 135 Lbs.

(135.6)Lbs.                 (134.7)Lbs.

Jonah Macdougall (0-0-0) vs. Luc De Ste Croix (1-1-0) at 145 Lbs. (Justin Ley Injured)

(144.3)Lbs.                                  (145.1)Lbs.

Ben Fullarton (0-1-0) vs. Nick Theriault (0-0-0) at 155 Lbs.

(155.2)Lbs.                          (154.5)Lbs.

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